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The construction of a jacuzzi

The Jacuzzi home spa is almost a dream for those who want well-being at their fingertips. However, it is often observed that the models offered in stores or at the manufacturer seem to be standardized, which does not reveal your personality. To satisfy you, then know that it is possible to build your used jacuzzi for sale and create a design customized to your own taste.

Plan the construction of your jacuzzi

Building a spa is a thoughtful decision given the importance of the investment. To carry out the project, a preparatory phase will be useful to plan the organization of the work.

Thus, it will be important to know the location and dimensions of the spa to be built. For this, you will need to have your diagram and take into account the actual dimensions to be able to dig and install the foundations of your pond. This step is crucial since once installed it would be impossible to move the hot tub. Be aware that you will need 20 cm of gravel and 20 cm of sand to support your spa. It will also be essential to pour a reinforced concrete slab to solidify the soil after digging and earthworks. Also think about the arrangement of the various electric wires as well as the piping so that they are protected from possible shocks or bad weather.

The choice of materials

The advantage of building a jacuzzi is this possibility of being able to choose the materials so that the spa is personalized. Thus, you could compose by yourself the appearances of your jacuzzi and opt for a rim filtration system to allow a mirror spa which is of great elegance. As for the tiling, you could make the patterns yourself if you choose a mosaic spa. Acrylic is also very popular, but it is up to you to determine your final choice.

If you choose to place your spa outside, it is strongly recommended that you build a shelter for it to protect it from the sun and bad weather which could harm its system but also the water temperature. Also remember to set up a small room not far from your spa to place the technical group for the jacuzzi; However, be sure to limit noise pollution so as not to disturb your relaxation session or your neighbor's nap time.


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