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Maintain your inflatable spa

The spa or jacuzzi is the place to relax. As a matter of hygiene and well-being, we generally prefer to bathe in healthy and clear water but not cloudy, green or sparkling water.

To enjoy it as long as possible and give yourself moments of incomparable relaxation, it will need to be maintained from time to time. With a few steps and a few products suitable for spas, it will be easier.

Maintain your inflatable spa

You should check the water quality and, if necessary, make an adjustment. PH level, calcium hardness and alkalinity must be checked. If you notice deficiencies or surpluses, use the correct chemical. Water quality must go through chemical treatment.

Above all, to avoid the formation of lime deposits on the walls and pipes of your spa, add an anti-limescale to the water in your spa, filtration in operation. This operation must be carried out before each filling and before adding maintenance products to the water.

Then it is necessary to balance your water, to facilitate the action of the disinfectant and other treatment products. This action is one of the most important parts of maintaining your spa water. For this, test your water using the test strips, the pH must be between 7.2 and 7.6. Otherwise, you will have to make adjustments. Know that the quality of your water depends above all on the temperature which is essential for a jacuzzi.

And in order to anticipate the constraints of cloudy water and optimize filtration, the clarifier must be added to the spa water, filtration on. After that, let the filtration run for about two hours. This operation requires adjusting the pH in advance to ensure the effectiveness of the Clarifier.


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