What about the SPA ?

You like the water and especially the warm waters, you like to share moments of relaxation: the spa will allow you to combine pleasure, conviviality, relaxation and moments Magic and unforgettable spa nozzle. The spa: it is installed everywhere, inside or outside, in your garden, on your terrace, under a patio.... Of different shapes and sizes, it is built-in, to build or to put on a slab. 2, 3 ... 5.7 seats including at least one lying down. A whole range of prices exists. Install at home the recognized principles of hydrotherapy and air therapy that can also combine aromatherapy and chromotherapy.

Relaxing massages

With the spa, you will enjoy relaxing massages, in hot water, hundreds of bubbles that burst that gives you relaxation and well-being at home; alone, in love, with friends or family. Backache, cervical, heavy legs? A stressful day? Treat yourself to an invigorating, invigorating and relaxing massage in your spa. Relaxation, well-being of the body and comfort, the spa is all that at once! Its benefits are many, both on the body and on the mind. Associated with hot water, the massage generated by the eddies relaxes each of the muscles, promotes the circulation of blood and the elimination of toxins from the body. It's great for relaxing and recovering after an effort or a day of tension.

Our forum

The purpose of this forum is to allow our new customers to discuss our product range. But you can also share as a result of acquiring your spa. Our teams will answer questions about our spa range or more generally provide tips on how to improve your Hydro massage sessions. Technical discussions on installation, constraints and installation methods following the purchase of your spa. We will ensure that the welcome of your model is made without hassle. Discussion forum about wellness in your spa, or more widely relaxation techniques and methods.

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